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Public 360 Advertising

360 / VR Production for Filmmakers

Live Streaming

Sports and Entertainment

Point-of-sale Marketing

Virtual Tours

OPAL EVENTS provides an Interactive Platform for Public 360 Storytelling, Marketing, and Advertising.

OPAL 360 Spheres engage Individuals, Groups and Public Audiences, ideal for group viewing, conventions, classroom and educational institutions, museum installations, trade shows, marketing and entertainment venues.

Use Cases: - Corporate VR and 360 Marketing and Branding

    -  Public 360 Advertising in Airports, Malls, Theme Parks

    -  VR Production and Marketing for VR studios

    -  Filmmakers and experience creators

    -  Live streaming of 360 events for sports and entertainment

    -  Point of sale marketing: retail, VR, experience centers, theme parks

    -  VR virtual tours for travel, real estate, recruiting

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