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OPAL is the brainchild of Global Imagination CEO Mike Foody and PCB CEO Keith Arem. With over 40 years combined experience in Entertainment and Education, OPAL has established a unique opportunity to leverage Virtual Reality and 360 Content in a new marketplace.



Smithsonian, NASA, NOAA, The American Museum of Natural History, The European Space Agency, Copernicus Science Center, and at hundreds of other institutions around the world.

President Barack Obama says the dynamic, interactive Magic Planet digital video globe is "an innovative and engaging way of teaching young people about our world.”



    • A huge selection of content – all over the place – ready-made for our form factor
    • Means a huge opportunity to create a new platform

    • Combining our experience and assets in education and entertainment


OPAL is the World's First 360 Virtual Reality Display 
and Content Network.


OPAL presents a unique immersive experience for
3-Dimensional viewing of 360° and VR content, without the need of head mounted devices.


The OPAL NETWORK will provide a new and unique way to view, interact and engage 360° content, delivered in curated media channels for Entertainment, Gaming, Point of Sale, Social Media and Location Based Events.

OPAL DIGITAL monetizes through retail installations for

Location Based Entertainment, Advertisers, Studios, Venues and Franchises.

Advertiser revenue from Local and National Ads or Sponsored Content

Ideal for Tourism, Travel, Realty, Virtual Tours, Medical Facilities, Airports, Malls, Hotels, Auto Dealerships, Sports Venues, Theaters, and others.




With over 40 years combined experience in Entertainment and Education, OPAL's team has experience and relationships with Interactive Media, Virtual Reality, 360 Streaming, Mobile and Video Game Console Developers and Publishers.


OPAL has relationships with NASA, Smithsonian, World Bank, American Museum of Natural History, European Space Agency, Copernicus Science Center, and hundreds of institutions and public venues around the world.


OPAL has a successful history in delivering immersive sphere technology to museums, airports, educational and government institutions, reaching over 40M people each year across 43 countries worldwide.

DS mock laser.jpg


Global Imagination is the world’s leading supplier of digital video globes.
Over 40M people across 43 countries interact with OPAL spheres in schools, museums, and government institutions.  Global Imagination's global education customers include the Smithsonian, NASA, AMNH, the World Bank, ESA, and hundreds of others.
Global Imagination has amassed the world’s largest collection of educational content, developed and shared by its customers -
much of it exclusively designed for Global Imagination’s platform.


With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, PCB Entertainment’s clients in gaming and entertainment includes work for Sony, Blizzard, Activision, Microsoft, UbiSoft, DreamWorks, Universal, Disney, Nintendo, Digital Domain, 2K, Electronic Arts, Fox and many others. PCB has produced content for blockbuster titles such as Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Deadpool, Persona, and Titanfall.

Together as OPAL, we plan to create a unique opportunity that leverages VR, AR and 360 content into a bold new marketplace.



With the recent explosion of Virtual Reality, 360 Cameras and Augmented Reality, there has been increased demand for immersive content and experiences. 

OPAL NETWORK will manage, create, curate, and distribute compelling 360 content worldwide.

The OPAL NETWORK platform opens new possibilities for audiences to engage 360° content by providing an circular interactive surface, giving the audience an exciting way to engage content like never before. 

(Proposed Strategic partnerships)

Strategic partnerships with content providers, entertainment creators, and social media platforms will provide unlimited programming and user generated content.


The OPAL Sphere provides a unique 360° viewing surface, with no head mounted device required to experience stunning Virtual Reality and 360 content. With its beautiful, simple and engaging interactive surface, the OPAL Sphere can playback any spherical content in stunning hi-definition resolution.


OPAL's built-in streaming capabilities will provide access to the OPAL NETWORK, allowing infinite content viewing possibilities. OPAL will also feature iOS and Droid Apps for audiences to connect mobile and tablet devices directly to the device.


OPAL's Commercial Retail division launched December 2016, has a current reach of over 40M people per year and is located in 150+ institutions, airports, malls, and growing.​

Social Media and Video Communications allow audiences to share 360 experiences and User Generated Content daily. OPAL's partnered Social Channels feature content for Social Media, communication, streaming, news, and shared content.


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